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Waivers are funding sources that allow people with disabilities to receive services in the community. Home and Community-based waivers are Medicaid funding that provides additional services and supports to eligible individuals to help them live in community settings of their choice, with supports, instead of in an institution.  Currently, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities administers four waivers:

1. Individual Options (I/O Waiver)
2. Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF Waiver)
3. Level 1 Waiver
4. Transitions Developmental Disabilities Waiver (TDD) 

Federal Medicaid funds cover approximately 60 percent of the costs of service, and the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities or DODD is responsible for the remaining amount.  Because there is a limit to county and state funds, there is a waiting list for Ohio waivers.

There are waiting lists for the Individual Options (IO) waiver, the Level I waiver (LI), and the SELF Waiver.  The Transitions (TDD) Waiver is a closed waiver, meaning no new individuals can enroll on the Transitions (TDD) Waiver.  It was a waiver created to transition individuals enrolled on the Ohio Home Care Waiver to the IO Waiver.

County boards manage these waivers at a local level.  If you are enrolled on a waiver in one county in Ohio and move to another county the waiver will transfer with you and will be managed by the new county of residence.

Service and Support Administrators will help families and individuals understand the options that are available to them and will connect them to funding sources.

Each waiver has various funding levels and available services.  To learn more about the DODD waivers, click on the link below:

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Waivers

The Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides many services right away, but must add individuals to a waiting list for waivers. Many other services are available to meet immediate needs of those on a waiting list for a waiver.  People on the waiver waiting list are served in the order they were placed on the list. Individuals who meet specific criteria for priority categories may receive services sooner.  Please click on the links below to view PDF documents that contain additional information:

Waivers - Helping Families Navigate

Waiver Enrollment Process - 45 days start to finish

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For more information, or to get on a waiver waiting list, contact Katrina.Steele, our Waiting List Coordinator at Katrina.steele@warrencountydd.org

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